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** Storm Spotting**

Become a Storm Spotter From Home

NWS Skywarn


** Call sign lookups **

FCC License Search

FCC Amateur License Search

University Of Arkansas At Little Rock's Search



** Local Clubs **


Northeast Alabama Six Meter



Chattanooga Amateur Radio Club 



 Gadsden Amateur Radio Club 



Huntsville Amateur Radio Club 



Marshall County Amateur Radio Club



Jackson County Ares Races






DeKalb County Tourist Association



** APRS Links **

  Look Up an APRS Station    

Mentone APRS Weather Station

Track an APRS station

WIN - LINK Position, Find

North Alabama Weather Stations



ARRL Band Plan Information






FCC Logo - Return to the FCC Home Page

FCC Part 97, Amateur Radio Service

Unlicensed RF Devices:

  FCC Part-15 Rules: Unlicensed RF Devices

FCC, Amateur Radio 

Wireless.fcc.Services For Amateur Radios

FCC, Universal Licensing System (ULS)



** Map Info **

Grid square locator  

Grid square converter

Look at USGS maps for the entire US

Calculate Distance and Azimuths Between 2 Sets of Coordinates

     Find Terminal Coordinates Given A Bearing And A Distance


              ** General radio and RF Conversions **

  RF Safety Calculator

  FM Channel to Frequency

  FM Frequency to Channel  

  TV Channel to Frequency Band  

  Feet to/from Meters  

  Miles to/from Kilometers  

  Field Strength Units: dBu to/from mV/m  

  Power Units: kW to/from dBk  

  Power: Relative Field  

  Transmission Line Efficiency (FM broadcast band only)  

  Electrical Degrees To/from Meters

Semiconductor Part Number Search



  Transistor Cross Reference Database

  PC Programs for Grid Locator Calculations

    LC calculator




Cushcraft Corporation





ICOM America, Inc.



Yaesu - Communications Equipment



RF Parts logo


DeKalb County Amateur Radio Club