DeKalb County Amateur Radio Club 

147.270 Repeater

The DCARC repeater is located high atop Lookout Mountain near Fort Payne Alabama and has three satellite receivers around the area. 


W4GBR Features

        Repeater call sign: W4GBR


        Location:  Lookout Mountain, Fort Payne Alabama


        Input frequency: 147.870 MHz,  100Hz PL tone


        Output frequency: 147.270 MHz


        Satellite Receivers:

         Collinsville Alabama

         Scottsboro Alabama

         Mentone Alabama


        Remote base transceivers:

         Connect to distant repeaters

         2 meter, TM-241.  Antenna,  Diamond omni at 70'

         220 MHz, TM-321.  Antenna,  Diamond omni at 85'

         440 MHz, TM-441.  Antenna,  Diamond omni at 70'


        Huntsville Link

         Full time simulcast link,

         Huntsville UHF Repeater,  442.775 MHz, 203.5 PL

         Remote base capability


        Emergency battery backup power


        Automatic temperature announcement


        Test your DTMF microphone tone pad


        Record and playback your audio for test purposes