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Amendments of 8/27/1980

Amendments to bylaws.

The DeKalb County Amateur Radio Club, Inc.
Amendments Ratified May 27, 1980
   The following amendments, having received the necessary votes during the monthly meeting of May 27, 1980 are adopted and recorded as changes to the constitution of the DeKalb County Amateur Radio Club, Inc.

Amendment 1
   Certificate of Incorporation, change to read:
   We the undersigned desire to become a body corporate under the Alabama Non-profit Corporation Act of 1955 for the purpose hereinafter stated, and for such purposes, we hereby make, execute, and adopt the following Certificate of Incorporation and the attached By-Laws and Constitution of the organization.     <Click here for 1976 Certificate of Incorporation >

Amendment 2
   Change Article 4 to read:
   The officers of the corporation shall be a President, Vice-President, and Secretary-Treasurer.
   In addition to the above mentioned officers, there will be a four-person Technical Advisory Board plus the Trustee or Trustees.
   All officers and Advisory Board members shall be required to hold a valid amateur radio license issued by the FCC.     <Click here for 1976 Article 4 >

Amendment 3
      Change article 5 to read:
   Officers shall be elected by ballot of the voting membership at the September monthly meeting each year and at a time and place to be announced.
   Vacancies occurring between elections must be filled by official ballot at the first meeting following the announcement of the vacancy.
   A quorum will consist of the 2/3 average of the attendance of the full members of the previous six (6) monthly meetings.
   Officers may be removed by 51% of a quorum voting.
   No vote an any issue shall take place without a quorum unless an emergency situation arises.     <Click here for 1976 Article 5 >

Amendment 4
   Article 6- Add after last sentence:
   Any decision made by the Technical Board that involves money will be brought before the full voting membership for a vote of approval.
   The majority vote of the Technical Board shall determine frequency change, call sign change, etc.     <Click here for 1976 Article 6 >

Amendment 5
   Change Article to read:    (it is assumed that the reference article is Article 7)
   Monthly meetings shall be held each fourth Tuesday at such time and place as the president shall order.
   Special meetings may be called by the president upon the request of five members of the club. Forty eight hours notice shall be given all members, notifying them of any special meeting and the nature of the business to be transacted.
   The president and one other club officer shall have authority to cancel, postpone or delay any meeting due to ice, storm, snow, federal, state or county elections, or any other emergency. Members will be notified by phone, radio, word of mouth or mail. No two consecutive monthly meetings will be postponed, delayed or canceled. There must be one monthly meeting out of each two-month period.     <Click here for 1976 Article 7 >

Amendment 6
   Add to Article 10:
   An audit of the treasury will be made between August and September meetings, or if the treasurer is replaced, or when it is deemed necessary. The president will appoint 2 members to do the audit.
   Additionally, an inventory of club property by the technical board and a report made to the club annually.     <Click here for 1976 Article 10 >

Amendment 7
Membership:    (implicitly amending Article 8)
   Full membership is open to all licensed amateurs.
   Associate membership is open to all interested persons.
   Full membership includes all club privileges, as well as right to hold office and to vote for club officers and other club matters.
   Associate membership includes all club privileges except the right to hold office and vote.
    <Click here for 1976 Article 8 >
Dues:    (implicitly amending Article 8)
   The club by majority vote of those present at any club meeting, may levy upon the general membership such dues as shall be deemed necessary for the business of the organization.
   The club year will run from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31 each year.
   Non payment of dues shall be cause for expulsion from the club within the discretion of the membership.
   A regular assessment of $12 for full membership and $6 for associate membership for the purpose of providing funds for current expenses shall be payable beginning Jan. 1 each year.
   A notice will be sent prior to Jan. 1.
    <Click here for 1976 Article 8 >

President:     Ray Goggans
Vice President:     W.R. (Bill) Dobbs
Secretary Treasurer:     Hope Hale